Printing barcodes

Well, this can be done in several ways:

1. Printing to a ‘barcode’ printer (with a builtin barcode font).
Have been using a Citizen CLP-621 printer. The print job is just a text file, created with Lotus Script. Text file contains all the control codes for the printer, e.g. page width, borders, font size etc. The manual were quite good – with lots of details and examples.
Only one problem – how to copy/spool the print file to the printer? Found a small freeware spooler program -> When started and configured, it can copy all files from a folder to any printer
It works perfectly 🙂

2. Install your own barcode font and print using word or Lotus Notes
Found the fonts on They have all fonts, with documentation and Lotus Script code to generate the barcode string (convert a number to a barcode string with checksums). Just make sure to select the right font. Some fonts doesn’t support charecters and some doesn’t support special charecters – and do check that your scanners support the selected font.
When you have the font, it is simple to create a print form in Notes. Did try to use Microsoft word – but some barcodes had special chars that was destoyed by Word, and didn’t work…

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