How to copy/paste a ReplicaID

You can see the ReplicaID on the Info tab in the database properties – but you can’t copy from here. Instead you can open the database and double click on the select button in the addressbar (see screenshot). now you have the complete notes url to the database – and you can easily copy/paste the replicaid (or document unid or view id) from here.
Another way is to open the Document properties box – on the meta tab (marked with an +) you wil find the complete notes url in the ‘identifier’ field

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  1. hehe. Yep – Ytria has some great products. I use the Developer Suite myself – mostly the ActionBarEz and ViewEz to update the colors and layout of a database. But for replica id’s the tip above is just easier 😉

  2. Check out Chad Smiley’s site for Toolbar Functions and while you’re there check out also his Edit Document Fields toolbar action 🙂
    Both are really good actions!

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